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Health Chairperson/ CC/ Track Coach

James Barnes

Music Chairperson/ Choir Director

  Kelly DeHaan

PE Chairperson/ Volleyball Coach

 Bryan Nicholson

ALS/ World Language Chairperson

 Bailey Donohoo

Drivers Education/ Boys Basketball Coach

 Scott Briggs

Orchestra Director/ Spanish Teacher

 Meagan Thorup

Student Body Officer Advisor

 Richard Hoonakker

Language Arts Chairperson

 Shauna Robertson

Band Director

 James Densley

Media Specialist

 Heidi Leggat

Skills and Tech Chairperson/Film/Broadcasting

 Leslie Vawdrey

Athletic Director

 Sam Rogers

Science Chairperson

 Lisa Craig

Theater Director/Drama teacher

 Bradley Moss

Social Studies Chairperson

 Janet Sanders

SPED Chairperson

 Alison Lavery

Math Chairperson

Wendy Solomon

Art Chairperson

 David Wilde

Dance Company Director

 Zoey Gibbons White 

Girls Basketball Coach

 Kenzie Newton

Girls Golf Coach

 Liz Conry

Head Football Coach

 Mike Meifu


 Mitch Stevens


  Andre Ashton


Head Counselor


Liz Easton



Boys and Girls Soccer

 Eric Arthur


Woodworking/ SBO

 Rick Minor


Business Chairperson

 Dannel Porter


Swim Coach/ Science Teacher

 Tim Pollock